Welcome to the horriblecoders VTC p2pool node! I run this server for free as a side project. I also run a VTC electrum server! The network2 server ran out of memory so it has been taken offline. This server shared resources with the network2 server. If you would like to donate to me it costs 13 dollars per month to run this server. If I get 13 dollars a month I will host a p2pool network2 node like I did in the past (on port 9181). Donations will also help fund this mining server if we hit an out of memory limit here too. I want to reiterate that this server running on port 9171 will stay up regardless of donations.

If you would like to contact me for any reason feel free at admin@horriblecoders.com

If you would like to donate VTC you can at this address: VbwQtfL16quqQMV91AaJ9Mkf5zimpXsy6d

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