According to my hosting provider this server was under a DDOS attack. OVH, my provider has some mitigation infrastructure. I believe this attack is the cause of the issues people had mining on this server. Roughly half of hashrate here is now mining elsewhere. This only further decentralizes mining, which in the end is a benefit for vertcoin. I will continue to keep updating information here as needed. Have a good day everyone.
Welcome to the horriblecoders VTC p2pool node! I run this server for free as a side project. I also run a VTC electrum server! The network2 server ran out of memory so it has been taken offline.

If you would like to contact me for any reason feel free at

If you would like to donate VTC you can at this address: VbwQtfL16quqQMV91AaJ9Mkf5zimpXsy6d

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